Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fiinding a Companion, redux

Oh Smart Tiger, I asked you the companion question. How hard does one NOT look? I haven't looked for years, but nobody has fallen into my lap yet. Only recently have I thought that it would be nice to have a companion and looked around some. Bad move?

My good friend, thank you for returning for another dip in the pool. I did not mean to imply that one should entirely forgo the search for companionship in order to find one. The Great Builder created us as social animals. We are meant to share our lives with one another. I applaud you for beginning what may be one of the greatest quests of your life. Merely “looking around some,” however, is but the first step.

What has worked for me will not necessarily work for others. However, if one seeks to find ones companion, then one must put themselves in a situation to be found. I think it may be unrealistic to expect ones life-mate to “fall into your lap”, but there is always that chance. There is an old saying often attributed to Mr. Benjamin Franklin, “God helps those who help themselves.” In essence what this means is that desired results often require positive directed action on our part. If you want to find a companion, then I suggest, as I did before, that you think about things you enjoy doing, discussing or learning about then find a group of like minded individuals in your area. Whether that group is a club, a church group or a civic or charitable organization get involved and active with other people.

What I intended by my “don't look so hard” advice was that, in this tiger's opinion, you should not join a club, take a class etc. for the sole purpose of “finding someone.” Rather, enjoy the experience for what it is and that positive enjoyment will shine through your spirit and attract others to your light.

Ask a tiger.

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  1. Very wise advice. The bestest of friends and life companion can come to you through that behavior. Being desperate, or even not so desperate, but rather "looking" one tends to rationalize anyone being nice to you as a possible mate, then you jump the gun, end up with someone not really right in the end, get annoyed or bored, break up and start cycle all over again. It's best to be yourself. Don't look just enjoy what you love most and the rest will follow in the best way. Don't look for it. It will find you. :-)