Monday, January 4, 2010

Furry faux pas (fox paws?)

Over the holidays I gave into this incredible urge to be a furry. I made a tail and taped it to my rear end and then I pranced around the house, made some ears and pounced on everything that moved. On New Years Eve I invited my friends over and invited them into a cuddle pile with me where we could all groom and sniff they refuse to talk to me ..whatever will I do?

*facepaws* It looks like someone had a little too much Happy with their New Year. My dear, being "furry", or "neko" is so much more than simply slapping on a tail. It is a matter of attitude and/or a genuine appreciation of the inspiring literature. For a nice little synopsis of the growth of the neko subculture I refer you to the "Virtual Neko" blog's post on The History of Neko

Also, I suspect your friends would have looked askance at your invitation even without the tail. Now, I am the first to admit I love a good cuddle, but, one must consider time and place, as well as the company.

Your friends, if they are truly friends, may well come around after a while. Your antics may have made them uncomfortable and you will probably need to mend some fences there. Such is the cost of social faux pas (fox paws?).

Ask a tiger.

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