Friday, January 15, 2010

Get a job.

I have been struggling to figure out how to make money in Second Life..where can I get a job?

My dear impoverished friend, finding employment and/or making money in SL is not all that different from the ways one does so in 1st Life. There are basically two paths to follow; one of which is considerably more difficult but potentially more rewarding than the other.

As the official Guide to Jobs in Second Life (from the SL Wiki) points out, ones first stop on the less difficult path should be the Classifieds section of the SL forums. I will add that there is also a Classifieds tab in the Search window. I find it amusing that, after all the to-do about adult content on the grid, the very first potential job listed in the official job guide is still Dancer. Even more that within the descriptive paragraph it also points out that this often leads to the stripper/escort option. Regardless, the fact remains that the most readily available paid position in SL is club dancer. Indeed the vast majority of job postings are for dancers and other club related positions. Even if that is not what you want to do with your SL time, I still recommend looking through the classifieds. There are many non-club type jobs listed also. Beyond the classifieds, I would recommend deciding just what sort of activity you want to do, and use Search to find potential employers in that field. If you want to be a photographer, for instance, Search for other photographers. You might get lucky and one of them might actually be looking for someone to help out.

The more difficult path is to create your own “job”. This may be either product or service related. Either one creates something (clothing, gadgets, vehicles, homes, etc) and tries to sell it, or one provides a needed service (teacher, event coordinator, advertising consultant, property manager, etc.)

Ask a tiger.

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