Sunday, January 24, 2010

He has a female alt.

I am heartbroken...I discovered a few days ago the my Second Life partner has an a female alt..he is a male in rl and SL at least so a I thought. I found out that he has been having sex with other femles with his female alt...I am disgusted,but love him.

My dear friend, it can indeed be disconcerting to discover unexpected things about somenone close to us. What is it about this revelation that disgusts you, though? Is it the gender swapping? If so, I assure you that it is not uncommon for people to have avatars of the opposite gender from their 1st Life selves. One of the fascinating things about the metaverse is that it allows us to explore these aspects of self.

If your discomfort stems from the idea that he is enjoying sex with other women, then that is potentially a sign of a more serious issue. In either case I would advise you to talk to him about your concerns. Communication is critical to maintaining loving healthy relationships. You said you still love him, and that is a good thing. Tell him you do. May the Builder bless you both.

Ask a tiger.

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