Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When fantasy meets reality

My second life lover and I have quite a dilemma .. even though we pledged that our relationship would just be SL and not first/real life an opportunity has come up for us to meet in rl. What if we are not as attracted to eachother in rl as we are SL?

Dear friend, I had a big long response to this all wirtten up, which I will probably post on my blogger site. Here is the short answer. Romance is a wonderful thing. Connecting with another person on that level is one of the best things either life can offer. I have made one or two such connections during my time in SL and cherish the memory of each one. The truth is that most SL relationships do not survive the initial 1st Life encounter, but many do.

Assuming you have taken all neccessary safety precautions (public place, separate transportation, tell someone where you will be), and assuming neither one of you are married or otherwuse encumbered then Builder bless you. I hope it works out. If that spark simply isn't there, then you have a choice to make. Your options at that point are to either continue the SL relationship, or not. You must decide if the mental, emotional, and sexual stimulation of your SL relationship is sufficient. If it is, then there is no reason for you not to continue it, and at least then you will no longer wonder "what if". Only you can know for yourself if the fantasy can survive the reality.

Ask a tiger.

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