Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fantasies of another

When making love to my boyfriend I have fantasies about my Second Life boyfriend, even though I have never seen my SL boyfriend in RL I have a good idea of what he looks like. Is this wrong?

Thank you for your question, my friend. I am pleased to inform you that fantasizing about others while engaged in intimacies is not uncommon. Experts in sexuality even claim it is all part of having a healthy libido. So, in that respect, no, your fantasies are neither bad nor wrong.

I am generally of the opinion that whatever enhances your enjoyment of the experience, and that of the other party's, is a Good Thing(tm). On the other hand, if you find that thoughts of your virtual lover are distracting you from enjoying the attentions of the man you are with in the physical, then this may be a sign of other issues in the relationship. Furthermore, if you are distracted, and he is an attentive lover, he will sense it.

Ask a tiger.

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