Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A weighty revelation.

I have lost almost 50 pounds and have about 50 more to go I am afraid to tell my SL lover about my weight loss for fear he will think I am fat in RL and lose interest in me in Second life..what should I do? I am proud of my weight loss but afraid to share

Thank you for your question, my dear increasinggly healthy friend. Congratulations on your successful weight loss thus far and may you continue toward your goal. You are rightfully proud of your achievement in this endeavor. If I knew who you were I would give you a great big tiger hug and a hearty huzzah! the next time we meet on the grid.

Now, to your concerns, revealing anything such as height, weight or even eye color to ones SL lover is a risky proposition. Often, however, with risk comes reward. Were I your lover it would make no never mind to me, but I suppose for some men it would. In my experience the close relationships we make in SL tend to be founded on more than mere appearances. Sure, one may be at first attracted to the appearance of someone's avatar; but, in a sea of idealized beautiful people such superficiality rarely leads to anything meaningful.

What shoud you do? I am hardly one to tell anyone what they should or should not do. However, I maintain that open and free communication is the foundation of meanigful relationships. This is a significant event in your life. Sharing this with the one closest to you is an opportunity for the two of you to build on the intimacy you already have. Either he will rejoice with you, or he won't. I suspect the former; but, should your fears be realized, then perhaps he simply was not the right person for you at this time after all.

Ask a tiger.

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