Wednesday, January 13, 2010

He's driving me crazy!

My boyfriend slurps his food, his soup, smacks his gum and makes weird snorting noises..I love him, he's a terrific guy but this is driving me crazy..what can I do?

What to do, indeed! Firstly, good for you for having progressed thus far in your relationship that the little things like these are what comes up. I would venture a guess that you no longer ignore morning breath either. This is good and healthy. It is a sign that most of the rough corners have been worn away and now only these little imperfections are causing friction.

Fortunately, my dear friend, there may be a solution for you. And now I apologize to all the men out there. I am going to reveal one of the secrets of the fraternity. Believe it or not, in small things like this men, and tigers, are trainable. I know this for a fact. One merely needs patience and persistence.

As any mother of boys, or wife of many years, can tell you, the proper application of either guilt or displeasure can work wonders. So, the first thing is, do not keep your annoyance to yourself. However, do not go overboard either. Whenever he slurps, smacks or snorts simply give him "the look". You may have to add an exasperated, "Must you?" now and then also. Eventually, he will get the hint and, if he is as terrific as you say he is, will adjust his behaviour accordingly.

Ask a tiger.

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