Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Digital hoarding

I caught this tv show the other night and I wonder if I am a hoarder..not the analog kind but a digital hoarder. I have thousands of pics and vids on Flickr, Facebook and Google. I save all my tweets. Scan all my receipts, paycheck stubs and doodles.

I saw some of that program also. The age of multiple hundreds of channels on television has resulted in an ever greater need for those channels to stand out. One way they do this by ferreting out extreme, or at least fringe, behaviors. What this produces is a whole series devoted to a relatively rare, though no less serious, mental/emotional disorder. As you have demonstrated, the power of this medium is that it gets us thinking, "Could that be me?"

Hoarding is a serious issue for many people. However, the behavior you describe does not, in this tiger's opinion, qualify. You are not hoarding, you are digitizing. One thing that has become a part of the digital culture is the mindset of "save and backup". I personally believe that scanning in receipts and such is Good(tm). I have even seen programs that aid in indexing and cataloging of such. Where it would be a problem is if the saving, storing, sorting and such became an obsessive activity that excluded other more productive uses of your time. If you feel it encroaching and can break away, then good for you, you will find your balance.

Ask a tiger.

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