Sunday, January 24, 2010

Frisky kitties!

Since you are a feline and a furry, How can I keep my two 3 and a half month old kittens from tearing around the house and knocking over vases? They just don't listen to me!

Oh those scampering kitties! One doesn't need to be a tiger to know that cats simply do NOT listen unless they feel like it. For kittens this goes double as they are also full of the boundless energy of youth. One cannot discipline a cat in the same manner one would a dog, either. One method of discouragement that does work to some degree is judicious use of a sqray bottle. Unlike tigers, housecats don't like water very much and a little squirt may disrupt their game of chase. I also advise either locking away your breakables or at least moving them to relatively inaccessible places. One must "cat proof" their house in much the same way one "kid proofs" it, as least for a while. Soon enough they will settle down to the sedate aloofness that is proper to all good cats.

Ask a tiger.

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