Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who Made Your Avatar?

I'm a part-time furry...I was wondering who made your avatar and where you get your clothes. I've got a tiger, a sabre tooth cat and a fox.

Thank you for your question, my sometimes furry friend. OK, here's the breakdown:
-The basic look (skin, head, ears, tail) is the AnthroXtacy White Tiger v2. I decided to forego the digigrade legs and oversized paws because (1) trousers fit better on standard legs, (2) there are other things I'd rather attach to the hand attachment points.
-To this I added a set of horns from RM Patchwork for an exotic devil-cat look.
-The shape is a freebie I picked up long ago as is the hair.

I get my clothes from all over, mostly in the Steamlands though. Some of the designers in my clothing folder are Mako Magellan, Terry Lightfoot (To-a-T), Nix Sands (XCENTRICITY), blakOpal Galicia, Lumina Elvehjem (Luminous Designs), Reghan Straaf (Hatpins), Paul Lapointe (Lapointe and Bastchild), hyasynth Tiramisu (silentsparrow) and Destany Laval (UnZipped).

Ask a tiger.

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