Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A companion on the road.

Dear Knowledgeable Tiger. How can I find the companion who wants to find me and be with me? I really really want someone to care about my day and activities, and I want to care about theirs.

Thank you, dear friend, for your kind regard. I sympathize with your plight. While tigers are generally solitary, self sufficient sorts, this particular tiger finds life's journey so much more enjoyable when there is someone along to share the joys and ease the burdens.

How does one find such a companion? Ah, there's the rub. In my experience such encounters happen when one least expects them. The people I am, or have been, closest to came into my life when I was least concerned about finding someone.

My advice to you is to stop looking so hard. Simply find and do things you like doing, preferably things that put you in proximity to other people. You'll never find anyone locked up in a room by yourself. If you are enjoying your life then your positivity will attract others. Odds are you will "click" with at least one of those others.

Ask a tiger.

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