Monday, February 15, 2010

The Root of All Ills

What do you believe to be the root of most problems in relationships?

An excellent question, my friend. Thank you for asking. In this tiger's most humble opinion, the root of nearly all anxieties, fears, conundrums, conflicts and drama with respect to relationships can be expressed in one word: Communication. To be more specific, faulty or deceptive communication. Vibrant, healthy relationships are founded upon, grow through and are sustained by the free, open and honest exchange between the parties involved. The issues of trust and security are secondary to and all have communication at their core. When one or the other withholds something from the exchange, whether from fear, uncertainty at the response, or plain deceptiveness, then the foundations of trust crumble and the sheltering feelings of connectedness and security erode away. It seems almost ironic in an era of near total connectivity, that the lack of communication still plagues us. And yet, we can spout words, phrases and sentences entirely devoid of substance just as readily now as we ever could.

Ask a tiger.

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