Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bachelor Party

I am a guy and my Second Life wedding is coming up and my friends would like to get some escorts for a party in Second Life..I guess it's an SL bachelor party ... is this cheating?

Thank you for the question, my friend, and may I first say congratulations on your impending nuptials. So, the comrades have fallen back on the well worn tradition of the last hurrah, eh? Well, your situation is one often encountered in both lives. The fact that you thought to question the appropriateness of it speaks well of you, and is in part an answer in itself. I would not say that merely having a bevy of beauties at your party necessarily poses a problem. Whether you avail yourself of their services, however, is another matter. The question of fidelity is a complex one, in either 1st or Second Life, more-so in the latter, I think.

I am hardly qualified to pronounce a moral stand; however, I can offer you a couple of guidelines as you make this decision for yourself. First, consider the nature of your relationship with your betrothed. If you already have an expectation of exclusivity, then, wedding vows or not, extra-curricular activity would constitute a breach of that implied compact. One way to determine whether this is the case is to ask yourself two questions, "How would SHE view the situation?" and "If the thong were on the other bedpost, how would YOU react?" Bear in mind that perception IS reality, most of the time, and that in both questions it is the perception of the potentially offended party that counts. Also, in matters of the heart, perceptions are the devil's own work to overcome.

Once again, congratulations on your partnering and may it be fulfilling and joyous for you both.

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