Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Miss HIm.

I am 35 with 2 kids. I just started dating a guy and our relationship is very intense. We were in constant contact until a week ago, now it's less than sporadic..he says it's work, but I am worried. I miss him and told him so what should I do?

What should you do? First, take a breath and relax a little. Now, sit back and listen to the old tiger. I tend to be a rather trusting person. Unless he has given you cause to doubt his sincerity, I would take him at his word. Ones Life often interferes with ones Pleasures. It has only been a week of relative inactivity. I appreciate the depth of your feelings and your desire to be with the object of your affections. You say you have just started dating; so I will surmise that this means the relationship is less than a month old. The fires of passion still burn brightly. It is difficult to be separated from one to whom you have become so close. I understand. You also said that he hasn't entirely disappeared. So, I advise you to give him a little more time. Let him know you still feel affection for him and will be there when he returns. That supportiveness will reap its reward when he does. In the mean time, enjoy your kids.

Ask a tiger.

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