Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My BF Or My BFF's

I really love this guy and he loves me. Ours is a Second Life only relationship but I doubt that it gets any better than this. The problem is our time is very limited together and I have lots of friends I want to spend time with too, but I sense jealousy fro[m him] on this ..I love him but I resent his telling me what to do or that I have to spend time with him ..I have told him this but he just doesn't seem to get it.. I need to be with my other friends...

Thank you for your question, my friend. Good for you in finding a loving relationship in SL. Such things should be cherished. From the sound of it, this is a relatively new romance, compared to how long you've known your friends, at least. What strikes me as odd, however, is that you say you and he have limited time to spend together and yet you choose to spend that limited time with your long time friends rather than building and strengthening the bonds between you and your lover. If I were him I might be a trifle put out as well. In my experience it is usually the other way around. Ones friends, usually, expect that when romance blooms they will see less of you as you develop that relationship.

Ask yourself, dear friend, how you might feel were the situation reversed. How would you feel if this new love of your live decided he'd rather spend his limited SL time with his buddies than with you? Would you not, perhaps, feel somewhat left out? Would you not be asking him to spend more time with you? If he is being demanding and beligerant about it, then maybe I could understand your resentment a little. But, if he is simply asking, "Why don't we spend more time together? Why would you rather hang out with them instead of me?" then maybe you need to consider things from his side.

You say your time is limited. I can relate. I have many friends and close relationships in SL also, and my time with them is likewise limited. It comes down to priorities. You need to decide what is the best use of that time. Is it better for you to spend that time strengthening and deepening the relationship with your lover, or in hanging out with friends with whom you have already built strong ties and who will likely understand that you have a romantic interest to develop.

Ask a tiger.

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