Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Found and Lost

I am in LOVE! it's Valentine's day and I can't find the woman who could be the love of my life..I met her in Second Life two nights ago and haven't seen her since. She is a beauty and smart too...but I a[m] desparate I need to find my lady love.

Oh, my poor lovestruck friend. Cupid's arrow has found its mark; but someone moved the target, eh? Well, fortunately for you, SL has this amazing feature called Search which may make it easier for you to find your lady. If you have her name, plug it in there and pull up her profile. Her Picks tab will probably show some of her favorite places and/or people in SL. That should give you a start on where to look for her. Now, I do not advocate prowling around all of her haunts and pestering her friends. That comes very close to stalking, which besides being a most ungentlemanly way to comport oneself is a sure fire way to send the object of your affections running for the hills. It may also cause her to call upon her protectors who may unleash various unpleasant consequences upon your person.

My friend, what I suggest is a more casual approach. I understand your impatience to reunite with this lovely lady; however, you must exercise a little self restraint. She may simply have been unavailable during the weekend. Many people are as they must attend to the demands of their 1st Lives during those days. It should suffice to merely send her an Instant Message saying something to the effect of, "I hope you are well. I had a wonderful time the other day and would like to see you again." Even better, you might even include an invitation to an upcoming event, a dance, a live music concert, etc. (Ehem. If you will pardon the gratuitous plug, we have a regular live music concert every Tuesday on Thistle Hill at 7PM SLT. MrMulti Writer's music is suitably romantic for such a reunion.)

I would not send more than one Message if I were you. Although, if she is one of those perpetually busy people one often encounters in SL who often find their Message queue overfilled, then perhaps extending your invitation via Notecard would be better. Also, Notecards have the advantage of generally being more difficult to ignore than Instant Messages. On the other hand, Instant Messages may potentially be read while one is off the grid, if the "IM to email" option is selected.

Ask a tiger.

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