Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guess who's coming to visit!

I figure I'd ask a Tiger, since they seem to have wonderful tidbits of wisdom. My SL husband, who is my lover in RL, is coming over in about three weeks. How does one cope when one sees the person that they love for the first time?

Thank you, dear friend, for your question and for your kind words. I am not entirely sure how wonderful my tidbits might be, but I hope I can at least ease your mind. He already knows you as well as one can via distance communications. I'll assume you converse regularly with text and voice, and may even have had visuals. In that case I will tell you that you very likely have little to worry about. As I have said before, in an earlier question, the primary cause of SL-to-RL failure is surprise. You have eliminated pretty much all possible sources of that. He loves your mind, your soul. You both know what the other looks like. Just about the only thing left is actual physical contact. Assuming there are no real barriers to that for either you or him, I think that part is probably the easiest to deal with. Relax, my friend. Rejoice in having found the love of your life and rest easy. I have a feeling it will all work out just fine.

As for coping, take a deep breath, keep in mind how much he loves you, and enjoy it.

Ask a tiger.

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