Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Planning

I am so excited I think my Second Life boyfriend is going to ask me to marry him..I don't know how to start planning a SL wedding ..any tips! Oh I am going to say yes!

Hooray for you! What an exciting time to be sure. I certainly hope all goes well for you. Assuming your instincts are right and he does ask you, congratulations. Don't start planning anything until he does, though. That will only build up expectations and I would hate for your bubble to be burst. That said, after he asks and once you have settled down a little and stopped floating three meters off the ground then you can start planning, right? OK. I am the furthest thing from an expert on weddings, although I have been to a few, in both lives. So, I will draw on my limited knowledge to offer you a few guidelines.

First, keep it simple. The more elaborate you make it the more things can go wrong. In the same vein, I tend to favor smaller weddings to massive affairs.

Second, you should decide what sort of wedding you want, whether christian traditional, old west "justice of the peace", buddhist, neko, vampire, betazed or something more outre. Then you can start writing out a list of the props and participants you'll need. Xstreet SL can be your friend here. Try not to break the bank. You don't have to spend a bundle to have a great wedding. One enterprising soul has even put together a complete Wedding-in-a-Box type package for a mere L$450 (

Third, most weddings, SL or 1L have a few things in common; the couple getting married, an officiant, a venue and the guests. Of these, the couple, that is you and he, are the most important. Take a breath and relax. Do not stress every little thing. Weddings are meant to be joyous loving affairs. If you are not enoying it, step back and regroup. Finding someone to perform the ceremony for you is closely tied to the particular theme you choose, as is the venue. SL Search can help here. There are many places specifically designed for weddings. And more than a few people out there who farm themselves out to perform them. A few nice places come to my mind right away. If you are looking for something in the Christian mode, St. Patrick's church in Magellan Kinvara ( is one of my favorites. For something less specifically tied to a particular theme Muse Village ( has a lovely wedding chapel.

For the guests, I strongly suggest sending invitations. They may be as simple as a standard SL notecard or as elaborate as a piece of twisted prim artwork. The most common ones are those that feature some sort of object that the recipient rezzes to either receive the notecard or see the invite as a large card or such. Here again XStreet SL will be most useful. With one quick search using "wedding invitation" as the criteria I found a few very clever ones ranging in price from L$10 to many thousands. For example: ( or (

Another big consideration in many weddings is the bride's dress. SL Search can help you there too. A few designers I know off hand that do great work are Sparkle Skye (SparkleSkye Designs), Paul Lapointe (Lapointe & BastChild) and Evangeline Miles (Evie's Closet)

**Disclaimer: All endorsements or suggestions made above are unsolicited and uncompensated.**

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