Thursday, June 10, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow - NOT

I have parted ways with my second life lover, I think about her all the time though can't seem to get her out of my head. I ended the relationship feeling it was a dead end and why prolong the inevitable. Why continue something good that won't be real?

Thank you for this most fascinating question, my friend. It seems to me you may have burned this bridge a little too soon, and for entirely the wrong reasons. Your final question speaks volumes. Why continue something good? Surely, when one has something good going one should hold on to it and make every effort to nurture and deepen it. Even if it eventually comes to an end - which I presume is what you mean by "the inevitable" - is it not better to enjoy your current situation then to sit about pining away for something you obviously desire. I could understand if either you or she were perhaps encumbered with a relationship in meatspace. The sensible rule of First Life Precedence must be considered. However, from the tone of you query I gather this was not the case. If your intent was to spare her later frustration, I think you may have misjudged.

Now, I will address the second half of your statement. Why continue something that won't be real? I think you are under the misapprehension that what you had was not already real. I assure you, with the sole exception of actual physical contact (a point which technology may soon render moot) , digital relationships can be every bit as "real" as any other. I know from personal experience that they can engender the same feelings of closeness, affection, connectedness and comfort as can those solely within the physical realm. You say that you cannot get her out of your head. This tells me that your affection for, and connection to her was every bit as "real" as it ever could be.

Therefore, my friend, I hope you were able to "part ways" under somewhat amicable terms. If so, you might have a chance at renewing your association. If not, then I suggest you find a way to console yourself with the loss of your "something good."

Ask a tiger.

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