Monday, May 24, 2010

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Dear Mr. P., If someone says they want to be involved with me, and they seem to like being with me when they are, how come they rarely give me the time of day, and though I see them online a fair bit, generally won't say hello unless I do so first?

Thank you for your question, my dear friend. This is indeed a most frustrating predicament for anyone to be in. On the one hand, this potential paramour has certainly expressed an interest. On the other, actions do speak louder than words. However, what exactly are these actions saying. It may simply be that they are quite busy carrying out their lives and while thus occupied have let certain social niceties go wanting. Speaking as one whose digital life is considerably more hectic and complicated than his analog one, I would not neccessarily take this as a sign of waning interest. Then again, I tend to be an optimist. The other possibility you must consider is that building a relationship may not be high on this person's priority list at this time. They are likely caught up in other pursuits; and, while time spent with you is enjoyable, it is not the only thing demanding their attention. What you will need to ask yourself is whether you are willing to put up with being one of many interests in this person's life. If so, then how long are you willing to wait for your turn at the top of the list?

Ask a tiger.


  1. or move on to one who's list you do top...

  2. Of the heck with everyone and just be with the ones you like to be with