Monday, April 26, 2010

Friends no more?

I have been friends with someone for several months recently I get the feeling he is not interested or cares about our relationship anymore should I just move on? I have talked to him in the past but thinks he just pacifies me and doesn't know how to end.

OK, I got real busy after soliciting these questions two weeks ago and just now have time and energy to answer them. I apologize to the questioners and pray your forgiveness for this delayed response.

Dear friend, thank you for this question. It is a normal progression in any relationship for the initial excietement of discovering one another to wane after a time. This does not neccessarily mean that either party has grown tired of the other. It may simply mean that a comfortable equilibrium has been reached. They may still enjoy one another's company, but not with the same intensity or immediacy as there once was.

Should you move on? I don't think so, at least not in the sense of entirely cutting contact with your friend. If you are dissatisfied with his seeming aloofness, then perhaps, yes, seek out others with which to share your time and interests. It may also be that your friend simply has other concerns on his mind. People shift the focus of their concentrations from time to time. Your freindly neighborhood tiger, for instance, had to shift focus away from this public service for a while. It does not neccessarily mean the thing shifted away from is any less important, merely that some things have become more urgent. Note: there IS a difference between important and urgent.

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