Monday, March 8, 2010

Pete and Alice

I am in love with Pete since Oct last year. We had a lot in common so we became friends quickly but he started going out with Alice in Dec. Nobody had known he loved her; not even his best friend. I did tell himm i loved him too now we are not even frien[ds anymore.]

Ohh dear, what a sad story. Unrequited love can be so tragic. I feel for you, my friend. You say Pete started dating Alice in December and now we are in March. That's a reasonably long time. I think it is safe to say at this point that he has moved on. If I were you I would too. There are many more deserving men out there. It is sad to say, but sometimes the chemistry only flows one way. He may have been a good friend to you, but quite obviously did not share the romantic attraction. There is too much life out there for you to tie yourself in knots over this unfortunate incident. Get out there, enjoy all that life has to offer. Another wonderful man will likely come your way. Put this one behind you and journey onwards.

Ask a tiger.

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