Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All my son eats is bacon and hot dogs and some potato chips and sometimes bread with peanut butter..this can;t be healthy what can I do he is four.

Thank you for your question, my friend. Dealing with a picky eater is tough. One part of me, the one that loves "guy food", says, "bacon, hot dogs, chips and peanut butter. Perfect! What's wrong with that?" At least your son has fixated on some long standing favorites. He has already acquired a real man's palate. Honestly, peanut butter, in this tiger's opinion, is surely one of the most perfect of foods. Thank you George Washington Carver. And bacon! My dear friend, I applaud you for introducing your offspring to the joys of bacon. But, yes, you are a good parent and quite right. Man cannot live on peanut butter and bacon alone, as much as we might wish we could. My older cub is also a picky eater; so, I know the challenge and concerns you face. I still cannot get either of my cubs to eat potatoes or eggs. I am not a nutritionist; so, take anything I say here with that in mind. With that said, let me first assure you that by and large children will eat what they need from a nutritional standpoint. It may be that your cub has a particular need for salt and protein at this time, or maybe he just likes the taste. As parents it is incumbent on us to provide our stubborn little ones with healthy choices; but, one must pick ones battles. At four years of age it is not always possible to reason with them. Instead, you might try to inject a bit of fun into the process. Make fun healthy snacks like carrot sticks with dip. Or, since he likes peanut butter, put some on celery sticks with raisins on it. This is called ants on a log (http://familycrafts.about.com/od/creativesnacks/r/antslogrec.htm). Supplementing his diet with children's vitamins is also acceptable; and do be sure to give him plenty of milk. Another thing you might try is combining those things he does like with new things. Make beans and franks, for example. If he likes cheese, mix it in with broccoli, or try green beans with bacon (http://southernfood.about.com/od/greenbeans/r/bln436.htm). In this way you can maybe start to broaden his idea of what tastes good. Be patient, be loving, and he will do just fine.

And now, all this talk of food has gotten me hungry. Please, allow me to share with you one of the most brilliant homages to bacon on the interwebs. I give you The Bacon Flowchart: http://bacontoday.com/the-bacon-flowchart/

Ask a tiger.

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