Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Performance Issues

My husband does not seem to want to have sex any more's sensitive but he can't seem to perform.  We had separated for a while since getting together again our sex life is almost non existent.  I think he no longer desires me ..

My dear concerned friend, let me first say that I understand and sympathize with your uncertainty. Let me also say that it is probably not as bad as you fear. There are many and various reasons why men may have difficulties of this type that are completely unrelated to his desire for you. My first suggestion would be to have him visit his doctor to determine if there may be a physiological issue. You say you were separated for a time. It is good to know that you are back together, but maybe there are some lingering issues that might require a good long talk, or several, to resolve. Ask yourself, and him, what were things like before the separation, how have they changed? I suspect there may be a need for rebuilding between you. On a positive note, there was something that brought you two back together. Purrhaps that is something on which to build a new and lasting romance. I wish the best for you, my friend.

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